giant squids in dreams

Jul 3, 2003
Oh lord, this must be a very bad sign!! :goofysca:

So, i had a hilarious dream... (well, it was funny once i woke up)...

There was something strange going on off the coast in good old Galveston. First i saw a forty or so foot shark swim by near shore, then i saw several giant squids. They were panicking and many jetting themselves on to the beach and dying (awww!). I guess maybe the shark was after them??

I ran down to the beach and gathered one of the poor creatures up and went to find someplace to freeze it, thinking i needed to ship it to :oshea:

heheh 'must... send... to... NZ!'

Anyone else ever have their night visited by cephs before?
Ja. I'm presently having one of those insomnia bouts. Lay there, saw the light at the end of the tunnel, thought my number was up. The light got closer and closer, I fealt my heart beating like crazy; thought it would stop any second. The light got closer and closer, but was strangely green.

I've just got out of bed; did so when this image of a cabbage came into focus.

Explain that? Wish it had been as simple as a squid dream (that I can handle); green lights and cabbages are a little much right now!

Back to do some work and get my mind back on track.
Have many nights of screaming mimis involving wife hates it when I wake up shrieking...never had one involving vegetables though...maybe you should eat some brussel sprouts or something?
Had a dream once about many sea creatures attacking this coastal town I was living in. Amoungst the attackers were, giant dugongs, fire breathing sea snakes, giants spuids and octopi picking up people on the beach and even a few elephants and hippos swimming in the water, crushing some children onto the jagged rocks.

That was followed by a set of tsunami that got bigger and bigger with each wave breaking further up the coastal cliff face, and eventually into the town itself. By about the eighth such wave half the town and the coast was destroyed.

After that a huge floating woman that covered half the sky turned up. She had sea snakes as hair and octopus suckers on her back. It looked like she was made of ice or something. In the dream I believed she was the Sea Goddess or something like that. Finally she drew in a deep breath and froze the entire ocean with it. I remember seeing a giant squid become entrapped in the frozen sea.

So you asked if anyone else has had dreams about cephs, well yes I guess I have have.
FYI...will be having steaks and brussel sprouts tonight with some good wine, and thinking of you Herr Doktor ! 1st glass shall be a toast to all the great members of Tonmo !
Happy ceph dreams!
Beware... for in the deep lurks.... the cabbage!


i'm afraid i couldn't just leave that one alone. no worries, we all get those crazy dreams... *cough* some more than others. :wink:
Right after some mixed up stuff Zoidberg attached to my ribs like a facehugger. I've dreamt of my cuttles inking and pitch black tanks a couple of times. :goofysca:
Had a dream last night that I was some sort of aquatic creature, but had no gills, and so was having a bit of a struggle breathing...turns out, upon thrashing to awareness, that I had pulled the covers and pillow over my head...go figure.

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