getting CB Bimacs!!!

Feb 24, 2005
well my good friend in sumter sc has pulled through for me again...

hes found a source for some CB bimacs and is ordering 4 on monday for me and our friend. ill keep 2 and hell keep 2 and then we will both be on a mission to breed them and we'll be raising the babies at the fish store in the isolation tanks. so yall can look forward to a good supply of them hopefully in the near future. im working with my friend the store owner on getting a website up and running where you could order them from or get directions and pick them up.

supposedly the babies are about the size of a dime on the mantle so im guessing they are pretty small. i figure 2 in a 160 gallon system would be fine and im pretty sure the other taker would be putting his in a 250 gallon one...

oh the joy! i thought i was going to do cuttles but due to not being able to aquire any i thought id pass the time with an octo so my tank(which is fully stocked with hundreds of prime examples of cuttle food aka crabs) will make the perfect habitat for the 2 new octos coming in mid next week.

if any of yall are near here and willing to make the drive let me know and i can get him to order a few more and you can come meet us at the store as soon as we get back from the airport.
That's good news!
If the baby bimacs are that small, you might start them in a smaller tank or make sure they're protected.

They sound close to the size of my Mercatoris babies that are still in a large breeder net. At 14 weeks I am afraid they would starve in the main tank but I can provide hand feeding and heavy shrimp density in the net without sacraficing water quality. My breeder net is about twice the size of the normal ones and has a plastic grid platform that provides two levels and has worked well for all five so far. I will probably split them into two nets shortly but think they need to double in size before I release them to a tank.

The net is placed at water level with no top. They have numerous shells to use as dens placed on the grid. So far only two of them seem to exit their shells and go to the lower level to hunt (the other three wait for shrimp to get close and grab them). Interestingly enough, none of them have escaped to the main tank by climbing out the open top.
yeah im planning on keeping them in either critter cages or breeder nets till they get a little bigger so that wont be a problem. neither will the food issues because i live near the coast and i can collect tiny hermits and snail and shrimp and crabs all day long. currently my tank is completely filled with everything from ghost shrimp to blue, stone, hermit and porcelin crabs and about 10 different species of snails including a giant horse chonch. ive also got an outstanding pod population and other small invert population due to the fact that nothing has been in the tank for about 4-6 months now. i go in at night and there is just plankton everywhere.
About the size of a dime, eh? Sigh, reminds me of Squishy #1... I got him from OctoPets. I had him in a small plastic container in the tank, but he found his way out of that and into the live rock, and I never saw him again... RIP Squishy #1...


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That wasn't a very good spring. My Octopet arrived and died within a few weeks of Squishy #1. I'm very glad that Zyan waited until his were are a little bigger before shipping them out.

yeah update on this ive got one and its head is about the size of a childs toothbrush's head... perfect size and its in the critter cage in the tank now with his arms through the slits and poking his eyes through screaming "why the *&%^ am i in here when i can see all those crabs out there awaiting me to destroy them:evil:!?" then the crabs move closer and he realizes the size of them and i can see him scream " holy barnicales batman! thats no crab! thats a crustatean of doom:bugout:!" and he runs back to hide in his old uchin skeliton....
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