Getting a new Bimac


Feb 27, 2003
Well after moving my 55gal sw tank into a 90gal and having the tank sealed, I have finnally ordered a new bimac :smile: It should be here on Tues.

I think im ready for another one. The other fish i have kept just cant do it for me like and octo :P Hopefully it will be happy in the 90gal set up.

Nancy, did you find a reliable source for live food in the area, the one i was using for Sam has closed.
I ordered from Jack at fishsupply.

Thanks for the welcome back :wink:

I had such a hard time after the loss of Sam and Jam. I really didnt think i would ever own another octo. The fact is ,,,Im hooked :P Now that i have a bigger tank and have taken alot of time making sure the tank is set up correctly i ordered another. I also moved the 55gal brackish tank out of the room so not to give the new octo any ideas of free feeding from the other tank like sam did. I covered all intakes of the power heads and have secured the tank well...... New octo name will be Max :wink:
Hi Debbie,

Somehow I thought we'd be hearing from you again. Sounds like you've got a nice setup for your new octi.

I ended up using several different fish markets, just for convenience. The main one I used was TJ's on Preston/Forest, then also Whole Foods at various locatons, Captain Dave's in Plano. I was feeding fresh scallop (later Ollie turned against scallops), frozen shrimp and live fiddler crabs and shore shrimp from Florida. She liked more things when she was younger - also hermit crabs and turbo snails.

So a big welcome for Max! Is Max wild caught or tank raised? (I don't know whether tank raised bimacs are always in stock.)

Thanks Nancy,,,, Im not sure if it is tank raised or not, on his site it says tank raised but i havent been able to get ahold of him this weekend. I will call him tomorrow to find out
I just wondered whether the tank raised ones were always available. I sure it will be tank raised if those are available this time of year. But the original bimac siblings we got last spring were wild caught, because the tank raised ones were not available until a few months later. Ollie was among them.

Wow!! I'm so jealous. I saw two O.cyanea in the LFS today going for $12 but I don't have the space :frown: . Congrats on odering the new bimac and we'll be looking forward to some nice pics!!

put them in a box and ship them to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I talked to Jack last night and asked him about the octo, he said they were tank raised...hmm Is there a way to tell if they are tank raises or wild caught???? The only difference that I saw in the two i had was, Sam(wild) was much more interactive and the tank raised (Jack) was more reclusive and didnt interact as much. Either way I feel lucky that there is one avail. I also ordered 100 baby clams as a food source for him as that is what he is eating now and i will slowly turn him onto fresh seafood,,,,WOW im so excited, today is the day, wish i didnt have to work :? My daughter will be here to acclimate him, I just hope he doesnt get attached to her like the others did, its my turn :wink: :rainbow:
Max did arrive yesterday, acclimation went well, he escaped to the far side of the tan and stayed on the bottom of the back glass, were this morning i found him, but he had passed away :? still in the same place he had been, i guess the stress of being shipped was to much for the little guy. I will contact Jack this morning. :? :frown:

I did get one pic of him tho :frown:

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