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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Figured I'd post my latest pic of G2! He really hates my flash. I was experimenting with a new camera, and didn't have it on the right setting and flashed him and boy was he pissed at me. Ran to his den and wouldn't come out the rest of the night! Guess I should be more careful. Jan. 18 will be 6 months he's been with us. His colorations have been as remarkable as ever, and I am happy to say I donot see any change in behavior which is very good!
Great pics...yeah, I guess it is a bimac ??? Glad to see he is doing so well...any chance of getting some video??

Lets see if I can address everyone's questions!!!!

333gtman - Did I say welcome???? Anyway, G2 is in a 27 flatback hex, which is actually a small tank for an octo to be in, but with a huge Eheim on it. I really need to consider moving him to my 47 gal pentagon in the bedroom, but Elmer is an issue...

Nancy he does watch Tv still. Infact he watches whoever happens to be in his line of vision. Sometimes you pass the tank and realize he's flattened with "the eye" next to the glass, trying to blend so you don't know he's watching. Pretty funny actually! I absolutely love his spikey look! That's what puzzles me as to his species. None of my other Bimacs from octopets ever got the spikiness that G2 gets.

Greg.....Video.....Hmmmmmm.....Think I need to work on this!!!! There will be one soon...
I meant a video of the octopus. LOL....

I don't know if we can load streaming videos here or not...I know the old format would not allow us to...Tony?
G2 looks amazing :biggrin2: You sure have done a great job with G2, I hope my little one becomes that beautiful. Keep posting updates I love hearing of octo antics :wink:

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