G2 pics


Colossal Squid
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Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
G2 continues to thrive I am happy to say! I tried to get a clear pic using a ruler, but for whatever reason they're blurred. He hates the flash so I've only used it with him maybe twice and both times he's retreated to his rock and sulked. His mantle has to be 3 inches now. Arm length at least 7" Curled as you can see about the size of my hand. His appetite seems to have increased. Lately he is looking for food on a daily basis and very determined to get my attention so I feed him! I am glad warm weather is approaching as Jess and I need to start collecting our own food again! I awoke to a cloudy tank the other morning. Looks like something had startled him. No one is fessing up though! I have a bubble filter with a large bag of charcoal in it so that seemed to clear it up quickly. My plan had been to move him to my larger tank, but that has not been able to happen as of yet because of Elmer, the bird wrasse, who I may add, I think eats bristle worms!!! I see him digging constantly and have not seen my population of worms in that tank in a really long time!
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