G2 & Inklet Update~


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
G2 continues to impress me with his many different textures and color changes. This past week he has started coming out more when he knows we are home. His size is now curled up, the size of a tennis ball. He loves to catch fish! I put a killie in and he swims and chases it until he captures it! He has an odd way of crawling along the glass, where compared to a Bimac, it looks like he is backwards, with his mantle pressed to the glass instead of his legs and mouth against it like all the Bimacs I have ever had the pleasure to have.

I almost had a mishap with his tank. I walked by and out of the corner of my eye, noticed a faint cloudiness. I checked the Eheim and it was running but something made me check the outflow and nothing was coming out. Turns out it was clogged, so after openning it up, I rinsed lightly in water from G2's tank and reassembled it, the filter was pumping strongly again. The cloudiness was gone within a few hours and G2 seems unaffected by it!!!

Inklet is declining. I see the same loss of pigment and the white patches, what I thought was an injury, has appeared more so on his body. He is not as active as he was and his appetite is not what it was. I am wondering if his fast growth rate was an indication, he is at the end alot sooner that say Ink or Hermin. My temp is also around 79 and I remember reading temp can lead to a quicker life also. It is sad. They are such beautiful animals when they are in their prime. And the decline is very hard to witness, but I have such a passion for these creatures, I keep wanting to continue to witness and enjoy their company in my home.

Anyway, here are some new pics!!! :mrgreen:
Hi Carol,

G2 is just amazing. I like the color and texture in the first pic the best! Really unusual.

Sorry about Inklet. Yes, higher temperatures speed up the metabolism, so that may be the reason you're seeing some changes. Bimacs can live and thrive at these higher temperatures, though.

When did you get Inklet? - I didn't find him on the Octo Database.

Great pics again, Carol...bummer about Inklet, but nice to see G2 doing so well !
Great update Carol, thanks for posting. Well said re: their beauty, and I share your passion and commend you for keeping them! By all appearances, t's no easy job to care for an octopus and we're grateful you share your experiences here with us! :notworth:
Couple more Pics!!! Inklet was into harrassing me this morning. Somehow he managed to unscrew the strainer from the Eheim intake. The only way I could get him to let me fix it was to give him my claw and a crab. He had great fun with the claw!!!

And I have a really good shot of G2's eyespot!!!

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