Frozen Giant Squid on display in Australia


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May 30, 2000
I received an email from Sally Edmiston of the UnderWater World on the Sunshine Coast (Australia), regarding the frozen giant squid they have on display. She was interested in spreading the word to fellow ceph enthusiasts, and provided me with a photo of the exhibit! Here is the press release itself:


Monsters of the Deep features the world’s only Giant squid frozen in time plus other amazing creatures from the deep seas – that have never before seen the light of day. The exhibit features rare photographs and specimens from the deepest darkest depths of the ocean floor including the Starry Seabat, Spotted Stargazer, Deepwater Spiny Crab or Champagne Crab, Giant Deep Sea Isopod, Deepwater Spider Crabs and more! The image gallery will showcase photographs from one of the largest and most recent collections of deep sea photography in the world. It is an Australian first. This, plus the Giant squid makes it an exhibit not to be missed for any squid or deep sea enthusiasts! For more information visit

The 7 metre squid is frozen in time in the world’s largest man made block of ice and will be on display at UnderWater World together with other amazing and rare sea creatures from the deep including the giant deep sea isopod, the deepwater spider crab, the spotted stargazer and more. The Monsters of the Deep exhibit also features a rare photographic display of other unique creatures found in the deep waters off New Zealand including the famous Warty Angler Fish of Finding Nemo fame. Visitors will be amazed as they also witness rare footage of a live Humboldt Squid filmed off the coast of Mexico.

The Monsters of the Deep Exhibit is included in the admission price for UnderWater World. [Adults $25.50, Children $15]. UnderWater World is located at The Wharf, Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Best regards,

Sally Edmiston
Campaign Manager
UnderWater World
Parkyn Pde, Mooloolaba, Qld, 4557


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I think this is the giant squid display also discussed in this thread - looks like the exhibit is moving from Melbourne to Mooloolaba? The attachment above looks like a screen shot of the live Dosidicus footage, since it's very different from the GS eye on ice...


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Here's the response from our friend Sally on this:

Thanks so much Tony – that looks great!!! The exhibit is the one that has come from Melbourne Aquarium (our sister aquarium). I have seen that there are some interesting posts there and a few people wondering if it is real. It is real!!

Facts on our Giant squid and how it was found are below. Happy to supply more info to anyone interested!

Squid facts:
- Biggest invertebrate on earth or under sea
- Length: 7 metres from tip of mantle to tip of feeder tentacle
- Weight: around 250 kg as estimated from freight charges
- Age: thought to be ‘sub-adult’, but essentially unknown
- Species: ‘Giant Squid’ or Architeuthis dux
- Habitat: Deep ocean trenches between 500 and 1500 metres – never seen in natural habitat until 2004
- Found: This squid was caught in nets off the South Island of New Zealand.
- Sex: Thought to a sub-adult male

Ice facts:
- Size: 3 meters x I metre x 1 metre
- Weight: 3.5 ton net weight of ice (including squid)
- Average temperature: Between minus 8 and minus 18 degrees
- Expected lifetime: Between 6 and 12 months
- Interesting fact: Thought to be the largest man made ice block built anywhere
- Freezing time: the block took three weeks to freeze
- Cabinet specs: designed and built specifically for the block of ice, weighs around 1 ton.

Plasma screen
- Showing: Humboldt squid from off the coast of Mexico
- Length: Up to 1.9 metres
- Weight: 80 kilograms (approx.)
- Interesting fact: Hunt in large groups of up to 100 and are known as fierce predators. Nicknamed ‘Red Devils’ by Mexican fishers.

Best regards,

Sally Edmiston
Campaign Manager
UnderWater World
Wish I could go and visit this exhibit, but alas, I'm no longer close to the Pacific, let alone on your side of it. Someday...
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