Freely available papers about fossil coleoids

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Pygmy Octopus
Jan 11, 2008
Hi all
as thread by Phil about new papers was closed, I propose to allocate here information concerning publications about fossil coleoids.

Firstly, there are hyperlinks to few books:

Abel O. (1916) Paläobiologie der Cephalopoden aus der Gruppe der Dibranchiaten. Jena: Gustav Fischer. 281 S. pdf

Bizikov V.A. (2004) The shell in Vampyropoda (Cephalopoda): morphology, functional role and evolution // Ruthenica. 2004. Suppl.3. P.3-88. pdf

Marek J., Kostak M. (Eds.) (2005) 2nd International Symposium Coleoid Cephalopods through time, Prague 2005. Short papers/Abstract volume. Prague, 2005. 115 p. pdf
Thanks everso much for these links. I must apologise, I had rather forgotten the Papers thread was locked. I've now unlocked it so that anyone can directly contribute to main thread. I've also copied your links above onto it.

Just so we don't have two papers threads running, I'll lock this thread.

Thank you again, great stuff.
Not open for further replies.

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