For the cephalopodan nut who has everything...............

Apr 8, 2004
I introduce to you all

here's a small sample I gathered whilsh clearing the grazing area of my escargot rearing unit. This has to be done as the sharp points can wound the crop thus losing premium prices.
Living proof that even distant dead relatives can still be a pain in the *rse :wink:

Belemnitic gravel can be used as garden decor

ground & added as a food supplement for strong teeth & bones
or sprinkle some on a Permian exposure to stir up the boffins :grad:

I except ANY form of currency including food & beverages so no one need miss out, happy ordering

Please explain! More info please! Where & how?

:belemnit: (x 1000)
Yeah, Melissa, amazing! Belemnites must have been so common in the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous. They so often seem to found in vast swarms and death assemblages. The ancient seas must have been absolutely awash with cephalopods, with belemnites living in vast shoals (like sardines?).

Oh, please could we borrow a TARDIS for a day....please...

Nice dubious plant by the way, Spartacus.
I'd love some but my only garden is my office window ledge and is full of furry cephalopods and trolls.

(I'm not allowed to touch the REAL garden.....seems I have the evil eye or something, plants see me coming and just shrivel up and die!)

Very nice...I wonder if the local flower shop will be carrying that material soon, it might be good for my orchids... :shock:
Excuse me Philpot but that dubious plant is my pet magnolia, specially chosen for my "Tribute to Palaeontology"

The belemnites are everywhere & I mean EVERYWHERE :shock:
fall over round here & when you get up you look like a hedgehog !

Melissa, I DO NOT eat snails :yuck: , I meerly wish to make some wedge !

Good on you Kevin, gift wrapping is extra but good value.

I thought orchids preferred trees & bark but if you'd like some I'll sell it - kerching !! :wine:


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