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Apr 16, 2005
I've noticed that many aquariums, like the Monterey Bay, feed their GPO's squid, and have heard from that particular one that that octo's favortie food IS squid. Maybe it's just me, but I find that to be quite my question is this: do the various members of the ceph family feed on each other (GPO eating a small squid or a humboldt eating a smaller octo)? I know they're cannabalistic, but does this also mean they eat their relatives, as well?
Hi Chris,

Certainly in Indo-Pacific waters Nautilus has been known to be a victim of octopus predation. Evidence for this consists of characteristic octopus bore holes in Nautilus shells.

I'm not sure if this has ever been directly observed though, I'll try and find more information later.

I lost a cuttlefish to cannabalism.

It was my fault as i had fed them squid the day before. Next day during one of the usual tussels for food one of them realised the other tasted just like squid! And that was that! Never used squid again.

I am 100% sure that they would eat any related or non related ceph

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