First-person accounts from Mesonycho catchers?

Apr 4, 2003
Has anyone published the observations of the fishermen who caught the recent Mesonychoteuthis? I have seen a few general comments, but nothing detailed. Perhaps I've missed them.

Direct observations of large-squid behavior are so incredibly rare, and apparently this one was observed alive. I'd like to read what the witnesses saw in their own words. Is it out there anywhere?


Yeah, that's interesting, I'd like to hear that too... I have to imagine Steve O'Shea interacted with them at least to some extent himself.

Steve? Or Tintenfisch?
Hmmmmmm. This is a tricky one; we have been instructed not to discuss this (as per the wishes of those who collected it, then dispatched it to us). When we get this published we'll be able to post further information. This is something that we're working on; shortly we'll be winging our way to a secret destination to examine new material .....

....there are further images ...

I understand and sympathize with their wish to avoid attention, but first-person reportage is incredibly precious--in this instance, a pearl beyond price.

Is there any way they would agree to share the substance of what they saw without identifying themselves publicly?

We extrapolate behavior from anatomy because we usually have nothing else, but with eyewitnesses to behavior, this time we do have something else--except that no one seems concerned about recording the observation. Or perhaps, Steve, you are already doing that? Is that included in what you intend to publish?

Some of the questions I'd like to see answered:
How did it act? Did it seem disoriented at the surface? Did its eyes seem to function properly in sunlight--or was it night? Was it aggressive or fearful toward the fishermen? What was its posture? Did it seem to be healthy? Did its color change in response to stimuli?

How, precisely, did it use its tentacles and arms? Did it seem to have any level of precision to its grip? What sort of strategy, if any, did it use to attempt escape? What sort of strength did it display? How much of its locomotion appeared to be jetting versus fin movement?

If this is part of what you will be publishing, Steve, any idea when that will occur? (I do realize that academic publishing is often an incredibly slow process.)

Cheers and thanks,

Steve O'Shea said:
...This is something that we're working on; shortly we'll be winging our way to a secret destination to examine new material .....

....there are further images ...



You are, indisputably, the master of the extended drum-roll.

I'm thinking videotape.


:band: There'll be cameras .... as in someone is watching us .... but we'll also take a digital jobby ourselves so that we may take and post some interesting imagery online. Should be back in the country ~ 10 June, leaving ~ 2/3 June (so it's a while away yet).

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