find the octopus!

Feb 24, 2005
can you find it? i see it...:biggrin2:

now lets see y'alls hiding critters pictures!


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Now that my eyes are crossed, I think I spot the octo AND the mollusk friend AND the lego piece. Yay!
Ahh...I love it when I've been staring at a "find the ..." picture, and then just before I give up, I look at it slightly differently, and realization dawns. And then I wonder why I didn't see it before...:cyclops:
Argh! Just showed it to W. and she spotted it right away (helped that I showed it to her on the Mac) AND it wasn't where I thought it was! (I was on a PC with a older monitor)
yeah hex ate that cowrie and another one and they were both tigers and given to me... well that was a waste of 30 bucks whoever gave them to me... it took the little guy about a month to find them but then within 4 hours of finding and devouring the first he immediatly went and picked up the second and ate it.

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