finally an update on hex... with pictures

Feb 24, 2005
well its been a few months i think since i gave an update on hex so here it is... he spends all day dancing around the tank and jumping at the front glass when you enter the room. he climbs up and reaches out the water every time i open the hood so i can pet him. it seems he has decided over the last couple days that he likes the helmet conch better than the queen conch which is very enternaining to watch him enter his den now since he has to slide through a 1/2 inch entrance into the shell instead of an easy 2 inch opening. anyway i got hex in september i think and i figured he was already about 3-4 months old when i got him so that puts him around 10-12 months old now i would imagine. there are a few pics for size and a one from when he was little when i first got him yall might recognize and then another one from today with him sitting in the same spot for a growth reference. if this is indeed a vulgaris then he still has alot of growing to do and i would imagine he would have to live quite a bit longer.


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Hex looks a lot like mine. I was told my was vulgaris but then i hear other things from people on here. Some pictures you posted almost look like they are my octo then there are others such as the blue/purplish shot that i've never seen my octo show. Either way hex looks very cool!!
Being more in tune to Cuttles myself, I'm always amazed how colorful some of the Octo's are! Beautiful! Too bad I don't have the luck to be able to Octo-proof a tank...Cuttles aren't nearly the escape-artists Octo's are...

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