Feb 18th will be 7 months for G2!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Looks like we have an ID of an odd bimac!!! Nancy graciously sent pics to the NRCC to ID G2 and came back as a bimac. We are thinking because of the unusual colorations, he may just have different genetics than the norm. I am happy to say he is still going strong. Only problem is since my oldest son has moved back in, he has taken over the feeding and G2 doesn't love me anymore!!! They seem to have developed a bond....He has friends over and they all sit in front of the tank and give G2 a pretty large green crab and watch to the end!!! Will have to remedy that upon Jess and my return from Florida!!!! I miss being the food God!!! So no pics today, as G2 is so happy and full, haven't had a photo op in about 2 weeks as my son is enjoying all the quality time with him!!!!
Hi Carol,

It sounds like G2 is having a wonderful life - all that attention. He probably loves it. But I can see how you'd miss feeding him. And congratulations on the 7 months. Did you ever ask the place you bought him where he came from? Was G2 from Octopets originally?

It's just my speculation about whether the extra fancy texture on G2 is genetic or just behavior. I don't think anyone else has reported such texture changes on a bimac. That's why we thought he was some other species.

Have a wonderful trip to Florida! Sounds like planned lots of fun stuff for both of you.

Actually, this month will be 8!!! G2 originally came from That Pet Place in Pa. They said he was from the Carribean. His size, curled up, the size of a small grapefruit. His arm length about 10". Tonight he's dining on quite a large crayfish. I am back in his good graces!!! He still has those amazing color changes and the spikey look. I need to rethink his tank, as he has grown since my son has been staying with us! Think it's because G2 has become quite an attraction!! Funny to come home and have 2 to 3 hulking 20+ yr. olds glued to their seats in front of his tank!

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