Farmed Seafood (non-ceph but important)

Nov 20, 2002
After receiving this article from my WebMD subscription, I scanned the TONMO Message Board for the thread dealing with farmed fish. I couldn't find it, so I decided to start an independent thread. (Tony, if you know where the original discussion is located, please move this post there.) I found it rather upsetting because I love salmon, but of course it's important to keep informed about these things so one can make healthy dietary choices:

WebMD - Better information. Better health.

[Note: Article is two pages long, though it's hard to tell from the first page.]

i saw this a week or two ago..... ive tried wild salmon, and to be honest, ive gotten much better cuts from farmed, both in taste and composition.... maybe its the toxins :bugout: not exactly a pleasant thought....
The cover piece in this week's Economist is also about fish farming, but they don't mention flavor. They do include something about the long term feasibility not only in financial but also ecological terms. From the last paragraph:

"The problem is that good independent information about the environmental friendliness of farmed fish is sorely lacking. .... An internationally recognised certification scheme, along the lines of dolphin-friendly tuna, is urgently needed to alert consumers to the sustainability (or otherwise) of the farmed fish that they are eating. Only in this way can consumers hope to find out whether the products of modern aquaculture are doing more harm than they prevent."

Thats interesting to me, I've always sort of assumed farmed fish would be cleaner as they are in a controlled environment, this blows that idea right out of the, ahem, water.

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