Farewell, Mr. Octopus


Dec 22, 2004
The long and happy arc of Mr. Octopus' life ended this past Saturday. He hatched in captivity on August 6th, 2006; living to the ripe old age of 15 months and three days. He last left his den for food about five weeks ago, but would accept live crabs offered to him by hand for another two.

If Mr. Octopus were here--and had a consciousness--he would have wanted us to remember the good times. In that spirit, I've put together a short (90 s) video montage of our life together.

to absent friends :glass: :angelpus:

I'm sorry to hear of Mr. Octopus' passing, but I think your video really does him justice. I also consider his exploits outside the tank to be an inspiration to explorers vertebrate and invertebrate alike.

:goodbye: Mr. O. RIP
RIP Mr. Octopus :angelpus:

I've always felt that Mr. Octopus was special and am sorry to hear of his passing, but he did have a long, full life. My favorite photos are of Mr. Octopus going for a walk.

Some time ago, I named a plushy octopus "Mr. Octopus" thinking of him.

His forays onto dry land are some of our favorite memories, too. Here's a repost:

Thanks for sharing a fitful end, after all the recent losses, this one is calming in both presentation and longevity.