Experiments on Intelligence


Blue Ring
Dec 13, 2002
Interested in the possible intelligence and consciousness of the octopus, I wished to know whether anybody has performed any scientific studies into problem. If so, can you please desribe the experiment itself and the housing facilites for the octopus.

Thank you,
Michael O'Shea
I can't answer this right now Michael as all of my literature is currently packed away; otherwise sorry for the delay in responding. Really just wanted to say I liked your name :wink: - it is a good name :wink: - the world needs more of us eh!

As an aside, I've a brother named Mike, though he's a chemistry and computing guru. Given that this has nothing to do with your query I'll sign out; perhaps someone else with a few books at hand could respond to the original query (otherwise I'll get to it in a week or so).
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