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Nov 20, 2002
I ordered a used Eheim 2215 from ebay. Ended up costing 60 with shipping. On arrival home from work it was sitting on my porch, wet, with damaged during shipping all over the package. When I opened it, seems like the person had taken it off his salt tank and shipped it with all filter material and the water :shock: ! Canister was cracked and the motor had a nice crack in it. Course I'm thinking I'm out the money and no Eheim!

Emailed the person, and 2 days later I had a full refund. Turned out to be a nice experience despite the problems. Must say everyone I have dealt with on Ebay has been very honest and makes right any problems that may happen! And now I have an Eheim for parts! Ink's tank has a 2215 on it!

Ahhhhh ebay...
You are very lucky to have a good experience wih it. My aunt sold stuff from gurage sales and got me into it. I sold paintball guns and I made alot of money (and I do mean alot :mrgreen: ). So I ordered lots of guns to sell, 8 of them. The arival date was something like one week and it took them three!! All the auctions had ended and the customers were PO! Then the other week I ordered a Eheim 2229 filter. It turned out to be a 2227. So being the unhonest retard the guy was, when I asked him about it, he said it was in fact a 2229. So I bought it... And I was right. The whole thing took about 2 weeks to sort out. It just pisses me off that I could have already had one in that amount of time. (I wanted the Eheim 2229 because it 3 chambers instead of 2). I decided to just buy from fishsupply.com! cant go wrong there!
So far, so good for me in my ebay experiences. I wasn't as careful in the beginning as i am now. I just make sure to check the seller's feedback and rarely will ever buy something that doesn't have a picture or at least a thorough description.

the last thing i bought was a 29 gallon aquarium complete with Emperor 400, heater, and three large adult angelfish as well as food and a great test kit. (i was able to avoid shipping and pick it all up locally). In all it cost me 75 dollars. I must say, there are deals to be found on ebay as long as you're willing to take the risk.

oh yeah...and i took the fish back to school with me where they're paying me back the money through breeding.

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