dwarf octos

May 31, 2005
i need anyone of the following

o. bocki
o digueti
o. fitchi
o. micropyrsus***
o. parvus
o. superciliosus
o. warringa

and the blue ring wich is my top priority on my collecting list considering my last one that cost me a decent chunk of change was killed by an accidental chemical spill in the tank

i would greatly appreciate if some1 has one of the folloing or is making a trip to somewere you would be able to catch one to give me a holler. I would pay very large prices becuase i am collecting dwarf octos and dont have the time to be flying across the country to catch them myself. i live in ma and would drive a good distance (also is there anyway that any1 would ship these?)
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

I'm interested in what you mean by "collecting" dwarf octopuses. Do you intend to have a number of tanks, each with a dwarf octo? Do you already have any?

These will be difficult to find - a number of people are already searching for some of them. Until recently, there hasn't been much demand for dwarf octos.

I had hoped to have a breeding setup for digueti by now, but due to financial constraints, housing requirements, and now the unrest at the border, the whole program has been put off for at least two years...there are several other dwarf octo enthusiasts here, I am sure that they will chime in...

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