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Dec 15, 2004
the name's mizol. i'm new in octo so i might need some help. got a 55gallons tank n juz introduce an octo to it 2 days ago. didnt knw wat species he/she is but i'll post the pics as soon as i gets 1. really excited abt it n i havent had any sleep since. i feeds it wit cockles but the thing is how do i keep them fresh n alive since i got them frm d wet market?

:welcome: to TONMO.com GeNoMe!!

I'm not sure exactly how to keep cockles alive but i've just read that like clams, cockles bury themselves in the sand. You could try leaving a few in the tank and leave them for the octo to feed on. Or if you have a sump, you could keep them there too.I hope this helps and feel free to post if you have other questions...

thanx 4 ur reply......yea, i guess ur right. it did bury itself in the sand. GenX, datz wat i named my octo, is really a smart one. i saw GenX stalk on the cockles til it open n grab it wit its tentecles. i'm really amazed on wat diz creatures do to feed.

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com!

And welcome to GenX, too!

You can come over to our Ceph Car Forum and ask all your questions, and there's a place for you to enter your tank and octopus - The Octo Database. You can find these by clicking on the buttons above.

Do you have a sump with your tank, or a stand alone tank? You'll probably be able to feed your octo some shrimp - even frozen shrimp that's been thawed.


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