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Dreams of Octopuses & other Cephs


Mar 14, 2006
Last night, I dreamt that I had a large tank and a small tank next to my bedside. I was cleaning out the smaller tank and when I looked over to the larger tank, I saw two 1-1/2 foot long octopuses in there. The thought that the tank was waaaay too small for ONE octopus of that size, let alone two, zipped through my mind, but as often in dreams, what doesn't make sense in reality made perfect sense. So I went back to cleaning the smaller tank.

Then I went to the bathroom and got a shock. Two octopus were exploring my bathtub! Are they the same two? I thought and I ran back out to my bedside.

Sure enough, the larger tank was empty and as I looked towards the bathroom door, I saw the two octopuses had followed me out, and were squeezing themselves back inside the tank. Apparently they didn't like the tank because as I watched, they sort of harumphed as if to say, this isn't worth the effort, and they oozed back onto the carpet to slither back to the bathroom.

My last thought before I woke up: How do they move that fast on carpet?

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