Dr. No


Oct 18, 2006

Dr. No is my favorite Octopus. I named him after that bad guy in james bond with the robotic claw for a hand. He is the most crafty and strong of any octopus ive ever had. My pictures are not very good. I have an ancient camera.




Video of Dr. No dragging a crab back to his lair. He is a very vicious eater, and will attack anything no matter what the size. this perticuler crab was big, about 5 inches across


Mantle is about size of a lemon. he hates my guts, and he likes to pull the air hoses and filter apart at night. and then wait under a rock for me to reach my hand in to put it back together and then ambush me. he bit me on 4 seperate occasions and ive only had him 1 month. but i still love him. I hope these links all work.

I wish he was a fifteen-foot-span octo with that kind of attitude. Awesome ceph you've got there. Reminds me of my cat. Wish my cat was eight feet long. Of course then I'd be dead. At any rate, Dr. No is one of my fave Bond villains. He only briefly appeared in the film, but had some great lines. I'm sure your octopus would make him proud. In the novel Dr. No, the evil scientist attempts to feed 007 to his pet archituethis.
Thanks for posting these - my favorite is the video. Don't you like the way Dr. No turns around at the end and you see his eye?

Great shots and a great video....I get the feeling you were being invited to go away now you'd done your job of providing the food :biggrin2:!!!

I second all of the above!! You've got more nerve than I do putting your hand in the tank. Feeding stick works fine for me and that's as close as my hand gets. They are amazing creatures and they are the favorite of people who visit my tanks. Probably because not many people in South Dakota have seen one up close and in person. :lol: