Dr Gilly's program to aid science teachers

If you get one, Please make a blog or journal. Keep in mind parents can be protective of kids photos on-line so try to get hands and squid and omit faces or ask for permission. Using the supporter's forum is a limiting option but with the size of the class it may not be hard to get permission. In any event, posting it to TONMO will be an easy link to be added to their website :sagrin: where posting directly might be more of a challenge.
I already talked to one director and am waiting for feedback from the other one. We would probably open it up to the public as well, since not many people would have access to a Humboldt squid in landlocked Pittsburgh... chances are, most of the student's faces would be obscured since they would be looking at the squid... but I would be sure to get permission. I will let you know of any progress.
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