Does Anyone have about $100?

o rly? for a secound i thought that this was some advertisnet by a church and i was going to say soenthing like "go to hell!" and then i noticed that this was poststed in the chithulu corner.... figures...:roll:


If only it wasn't for silly things like decorum and such.....

on a more serious side, i dont think felt pages and blood mix well in the area of readability..... plus, i think the mad arab wrote more than 4 pages......

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
When I ran the bookstore there were always people coming in who insisted that the Necronomicon should be in the religion section, instead of thehorror /scifi section....they were usually about 15 and male. :roll:
I do believe that when Erich posted his custom necronomicon book on ebay, he actually received serious emails asking if it was the "real" one....sigh. Sucker born every minute, I guess.


p.s. it would have had to be an oooooooold book to get virginal blood from me...and, Shanlyn, taking stuff from work? Never! (LOL)
Custom Necronom? When was this? I have yet to take Tonmo-thropology 101, but then again, are we not discussing matter of Ones in their latter years?

Anyway, I think this sort of publication would probably be available for purchasing at some sort of strange, vast and expansive . . . . "gathering", a "convention" if you will, of individuals of a certain walk of life who enjoy the reading and collecting of books that are, one might say; "comic" . . . . . .

. . . . . . Hey, how about that big ol' nerd con in California this summer?
How DARE you heretics doubt the existence of MY Necronomicon! You're all on my byakhee to-do list. Of course I own the real thing. Infidels!

I mean, this is me we're talking about here. Me. I have a thousand forms! Or at least that's what that $10.00/hr medium down the street told me..

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