Documentary on Mimic Octopus


Jul 25, 2004
I saw a documentary on Discovery Science Channel a few months ago about the mimic octopus (I think it was called "The Mimic Octopus") but I can't find anything about it on the net. Anyone know the one I mean. Can someone give me a clue where I might find it? I've looked in the obvious places already (discovery web site) and google searched to no avail.
Welcome to Rooster!

We have some great threads on mimics here... You might want to click the "Search" link at the extreme top of this page, and do a search on "mimic". Here's an example thread:

Mimic Octopus

Yes, we're familiar with that documentary -- "Mimic Octopus: An Incredible Imposter (60 mins)".

Hope this helps!

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