Diving in the Red Sea

Feb 8, 2004

I learned to scuba dive in the Red Sea. During on of my classes, we watched a school of squid laying eggs in the coral. It was such an amazing site. The squid looked like translucent faires floating above us. Every so often one would descend into the coral and lay a translucent jelly bean sized egg. I'd love to go back.
Welcome cephalopod (great name, by the way).

Sounds like you had a great encounter, and were very lucky indeed to see egg-laying. Many of us have never seen a ceph in the wild, we just dream about it!

Look forward to your tales,


jelly bean size 'squid' eggs?

Red sea is cool and you certainly were lucky to have such an amazing ceph encounter! good on ya.

Well, I was just wondering whether those cephs that you saw were actually squids at all. From the way they take turn to lay eggs in the corals and that the eggs were jelly bean size eggs, I reckon they were actually cuttlefish instead. Thats what cuttles do when they lay eggs.

On the other hand, squids seems to lay longish, sort of spindle-shaped egg case (translucent and whitish) which are of comparable size to the squid themselves. Also, when squid spawn, they aggregate in hugh mass at night in a spawning frenzy. They soon die in hugh numbers right after that.

Maybe, we need a squid expert such as Steve to clarify this.
I got to dive in the Red Sea in '94, when I was stationed with the MFO in the Sinai. I would give anything to go back again. 6 months of diving just wasn't enough. :heee:
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