cuttles and clams thread

thanks for the comments all!

well, he is functional! we brought back about 1500 tiny shore shrimp from the coast and after a short detox period in clean tank water, we threw in about 8 of the smallest ones. these shrimp were barely bigger than an amphipod. before the first shrimp made it to the bottom of the netbreeder, he scarfed it up :biggrin2: he is still hunting and eating as i type.....
here is the little cuttle nursery until it is big enough for the clam tank - probably around 3 months old. you cant see it because it is hovering under the red dragon's breath

here are the shrimp we brought home today - the larges ones are about 1/2 inch except for the four or five big ones that i will be taking to the stone fish in my classroom tomorrow

we fill the tank with plastic gutter screen to give them something to hold on to because they will swim themselves to death if they cant rest by holding something. also, not pictured, we have an air stone in here to make sure there is plenty of oxygen - even tho it is plumbed into a 180 gallon lps tank with a 75 gallon sump.
Ace, this is Aaron from MAAST. Wow, sorry to hear about all that, but I am glad that you still have a little guy. I was hoping to try to get some babies from you and Erik. I have a 40 gal cube with a 40 gal sump that i have ready to go for some of the little guys. We will see how it goes.

Good luck

nice to see ya here aaron!

quick update, this will be the last time i take pics of him/her in a shot glass as temperament is a little more jumpy now. still doing great....



can anyone tell me how to sex this little one, i would like to get at least one more to have a breeding pair again?

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