Cuttlebug has arrived!!!!


Feb 27, 2003
WOW this is so great!!!!! My little cuttlefish arrived at 12:35 this afternoon, acclimation took over an hour, then he was released into the tank. He stayed on the bottom in the sandbed for a long time trying to get his bearings down. Around 6pm I put a guppy in the tank and he went up and caught it before i could get the net out of the tank :heee: Now he is stalking the small hermit crabs that are in the tank and flashing his colors. No ink problems as of yet, all is very well with little Cuttlebug :wink:

His mantle length is about 1" and from his eyes to tip of tent is about 1/2" so he is very small,,, this is way cool
Hey, wonderful news about Cuttlebug (like that name!).

Glad all went smoothly and that he's eaten. Didn't expect him to be so small - maybe this is a second generation of cuttlefish at Octopets.

Sounds like Cuttlebug is settling in very well.

Congrations on having the first Dallas area cuttlefish!!

Keep us posted, please.

thanks everyone :biggrin2: I was so worried something would go wrong :roll: but it couldnt have gone better. Little Cuttlebug is so cute stalking the hermits its just to cute... I will take pics this weekend and get them posted :mrgreen: :rainbow:
Well overnight something terrible has gone wrong!!!!! This morning he is floating on top the water and his catching tent. is hanging out and he cant seem to get to the bottom of the tank. This is most disappointing. I dont think he will make it thru the day :frown: :cry: All params are good. I just dont understand. There is nothing in the tank that can hurt him. I even turned the power heads off so he wouldnt get hurt. This is so dissapointing.
Well here it is 11am and he is still hanging in there :smile: He has regained the ability to get to the bottom of the tank and his catching tent. seems to have slight movement in it and it is also changing colors, I didnt not know that those tent could also change colors :P Right now he is buried in the sand bed and just resting, maybe there is a chance he might make it. I just dont know.....
Hang in there Cuttlebug!!! Hopefully, it will just be some shock from the wishes!

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