cuttle gender


O. vulgaris
Apr 12, 2007
hello everyone, i am deciding to get a cuttlefish and want to know how to tell a boy from a girl so i wont be naming a girl cuttle jeff or a boy cuttle jenny. thanks in advance.:smile:
Hey man,

There are plenty of articles posted on TONMO that were written to address many of the questions that you have been asking. :biggrin2: Its not that people don't want to be helpful, its just that answering the same question over and over again isn't really necessary anymore given the articles and the search function of TONMO.

This topic in particular was discussed just last week! :biggrin2:

Do some legwork on the basics and I think you will get much more responses to your questions.

I would also suggest that you look a little more carefully at the forum you post your questions in. :biggrin2:
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