[Cuttlefish Eggs]: Cuttle Farm Army's newest Recruits! 7 Bandensis!

Feb 18, 2005
I am currently raising a batch of 7 Bandensis. Originally, I had purchased 8 eggs in which all have hatched. However, after a water change, I found one of the babies dead the next day. Im unsure if this was related to the water change. Currently this batch is 1 month old and recently moved from eating mysids to larger shore shrimp.

Here are some pictures.




Just Hatched

More recent pics coming up!
Nice job Paradox! I read you, but I never say nothing because I have nothing to aport, I havn't tank and no octopus, the only that I have is ilusion and wanting to learn about ceph ( and english :tomato:)

Great job, man. Someday I'll hope to have a nice tank and animals like you or some have on this forum.

Good luck with it! Keep us informed.

Sorry for the late update. Here are some pictures and a quick video I threw together.


With Big Shrimps in thier Mouths


Here they are in a dark red/maroon color.



And unfortunately, an unexplained death occurred yesterday. So I have a total of 6 Bandensis at 1 months old.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. These eggs were from aquatropics in Gainesville. Ask for Munna. Nice guy.

Hopefully, Ill be able to get some viable eggs, but well see. *tentacles crossed* !!

Also for anyone interested, I purchased my mysids from Cannot connect to MySQL server and did not experience much canabolism. I fed them frozen cyclopseeze or pellets.
hope they grow up well
i had an o. bimaculatus who hatched her eggs.none survived since they were planktonic and i couldnt feed them and they were killed by the filter.
anyway good luck!

This is a late update, but my cuttles are doing well. A couple months back, I got a single adult male from Thales since he had too much testosterone in his system. The adult male may be the end of his life cycle and has been in my main display for a couple months. It has recently showed less interest in food eating a large shore shrimp once a day or every two days. I believe this is due to him nearing the last stages of his life.

The juveniles are getting large quick reaching 1-1.75 inches. I have trained them to eat frozen shrimp and currently feed them Grass shrimp purchased from the local bait shop. This is the youngest Ive managed to train bandensis to do this and it will save me a lot of $$$. Feeding a lot of food since hatching allowed them to grow at a faster rate then I have ever had before. I also encouraged them to start eating prey much larger then they are early on, which improves their hunting confidence and allowed them to grow faster. This then saves me a lot of money because they can now eat frozen or live shrimp that is purchased by the lb at a bait shop verses shipping expensive live marine shrimp to my house.

Heres an image of the adult and a couple raw videos.


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