could this rewrite history?

Jan 25, 2003
G'day folks :smile:

I was just reading the news and struck upon this article that mentions belemnites.

Quite interesting when you get something odd to throw everything else outa whack.

What was the news item about Tony? I've been away from the news now for several weeks and don't known what's happened.
Okay... Good article, but I thought that the scientific community already knew that Icthyosaurs were not feeding exclusively on Belemites? The bird in the stomach is a nice touch though! Hee hee :shock:

Here's what really bakes my noodle though: The icthyosaur "fish" body plan still lives on today in dolphins and whales. The plesiosaur design with the four powerful fins, shape, and maneuverability has more or less vanished from the scene (or been seriously reduced in size in the cases of seals, sea-lions, and turtles).

Maybe I'm stating the obvious here, but the dominance of certain designs seems to occur with multiple selective factors. Theoretically, some giant plesiosaur-like mammal should have evolved along the same lines... unless the pressures selected against it.

The selective pressures for the elimination of icthyosaurs were probably due to several factors, as is usually the case. Plesiosaurs were done in in a simiar fashion. Sad, really... Heck, I wish I could see what fossil molluscs really looked like.

Well, that's my two cents' worth .... Sushi and Sake

Sorry guys about losing the link with the posting.

I have been head down bum up with work for the past three weeks now, and boy im looking forward to a day off!!

Thats the story i had happened upon anyways. Thanks for fixing my blunders Tony, I owe ya one.


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