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May 30, 2000
I'm having a rough time with these vids... but here's something to start with, and sorry about the poor video quality, but I'm trying to get something post-able (this is 4 megs in size, in .wmv Windows Media format).

This is my brief interview with Jonathan Roberts (pipsquek), when the convention was just getting underway, about his sculpture, Big Red.

Thanks pipsquek!

Big Red / pipsquek Video
bummer about the enlarged sucker disks...!!!! :lol:
That is one of the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen...and talking artshop was a blast !!! Really happy Pip was able to make it !!!!
Thanks Greg. Aside from the suckers :mad: (mumbling curses under my breath) I am really happy with it. But I am even happier that everyone here likes it. It was kinda my target audience.
Ok, I updated the bagpipe clip to increase the quality a bit (I like Righty's "holy crap!" exclamation). I've also updated pics and added some vids to the [url2=]recap[/url2] page; more to come.
Matt Jones said:

Any chance of getting these vids on a DVD or CD? It would be nice to see them without the compression you need for the internet.
Yes, this can be done and I'm looking into setting this up. I need to do some compression to fit it all onto one 700mb CD, and I can only transfer in 10-minute chunks, but the quality would be far superior to anything I can post online. This is going to take me quite a while to transfer, but I plan to give it a shot.