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Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
So sad.,2106,3469605a10,00.html

Greens co-leader dies
06 November 2005

Green Party co-leader Rod Donald, 48, has died.

A Green Party spokeswoman told NZPA Mr Donald died overnight at his home in Banks Peninsula.

It is understood he suffered a heart attack.

Mr Donald is survived by his partner, Nicola, and their three daughters, Holly, Emma and Zoe.

Mr Donald's modest central Christchurch electorate office was unoccupied this afternoon.

In the window of the tiny Bedford Row office, cluttered with Green Party banners, pamphlets and posters, was smiling life-size cardboard cutout pictures of Mr Donald and party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.
Wow. 48. Shanlyn was telling me the other day how high the numbers have spiked lately for people having heart attacks at a younger age.

Man that sucks, he was the man, I disagree with loads of green policies - no GE, pro wind power, but I still voted for them. Rod Donald was mine (and a lot of others) favourite - hes a little more appealing to the wider populace than Nandor! (who is still very cool). Too bad they didnt get a seat at the cabinet table, would have made for some very interesting politics!

Farewell, his ideas will live on. A type of politician that is few and far between.

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