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Oct 19, 2003

Could anyone with a half decent understanding of Russian help me out with this one? It appears to be a wonderfully preserved subadult (?) M. hamiltonii (eyes and all!), and I wonder whether it got lost to science, or not...

Part of the message seems to indicate a 1981 capture date? Going through links, again all in cyrillic, I seem to bump into a mantle length of 2,42 meters, and a total length of 5,1 meters, depth of capture between 750 and 770 meters. Ship's name appears to be "Эврика", which stands for "Eureka".

Hmm, sound familiar to anyone, as in: did I just relaunch a thread?

PS: For essential furniture:

PPS: I know it's colossal, slip of the keys...
This picture has cropped up before and before Steve's 2003 specimen was the only picture of an adult any of us could find. According to Richard Ellis's book it was captured in 1981 by at a depth of 2500ft off Droning Maud Land in Antarctic waters by the Soviet trawler Evrica. The photo was taken by Alexander Remeslo.
Thanks a mil' Phil :biggrin2:

PS: wrt the lightly coloured bits on the "cheeks" of your avatar, I mentioned this in another thread, any ideas on morphological relevance?
is it a tracksuit or a suit with the 80s style thin tie? as much as i hate to bring it up, when i squint at clothes, i see sacha baron cohen-esque dress, no?

edit: oops, i missed the trim down the pants... sorry, i was focusing on the neck...
You lot crack me up! I'm afraid the picture you posted was of Dr Malcolm Clark, of NIWA, a good friend of mine, rather than Dr Malcolm Clarke, hopefully also a friend (who I have done a lot of work with in the past).

Kat has a translation of some of the old Russian work; I'm sure she'll post when she reads morrow. I recall being contacted by the photographer of that pic many years ago; there was some error re citation/acknowledgement of the pic (he corrected me). If I can dig that one up from the vaults I will do so (4 years ago!!).
I see that this pic is still buzzing around. Here are some answers
Thiis specimen of Mesonychoteuthis was caught by the Soviet Scientific Research Trawler "EUREKA" during a research voyage in Antarctic waters near Dronning Maud Land. The photo was taken by putting the camera with remote control on top of an old oil barrel. The two guys are my friends - Dr. Alexander Remeslo (who took the image) and Dr. Wladimir Schnarr. Both of them still work for AtlantNIRO, a fisheries research institute in Kaliningrad, Russia. And rest assured - they don't wear three-striped tracksuits anymore!
If you want to use this copyrighted image for any purposes whatsoever, or know more details or publish this or one of the other -previously unpublished- colour images of this specimen, please feel free to contact A. Remeslo directly on his
e-mail address [email protected].

I am reasonably sure that some of us would trip over one another to see those photos and learn more. Thanks so much for the background, and for putting names to these faces. "Eureka" is right.

It would be so nice to see photos of the two of them together again today, next to some plastic squid (or real squid if one is available), in the same sort-of pose (a then and now shot, ~ 30 years on). Any chance of a photo reunion?
Not pertinent to the topic at hand.. but reading this thread just reinforced how AWESOME this forum is!

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