CIAC 2007 (!)


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Dunedin, New Zealand
Just heard that this is going to be in Japan.....Hokkaido! Here is the info, may have to start saving hard when I get back from CIAC 2006!!!!

John Bower
Hokkaido University
3-1-1 Minato-cho
Hakodate, Hokkaido


Subject: 7th International Cephalopod Symposium

Dear cephalopod workers,

We are pleased to inform you that the 7th International Symposium,
Cephalopod-Present and Past will be held at the Hokkaido University,
Promotion Hall, Sapporo, Japan, during September 14th (Friday)-16th
(Sunday), 2007. You are invited to the symposium. We are planning to
provide you the first circular including instructions for authors,
registration, accommodation, field excursion, etc. in September, 2006,
the second circular, including the details of the symposium program,
excursion, etc. in June, 2007. Please inform also your other colleagues,
are interested in this Symposium.

With the best wishes,

Co-chairs of the organizing committee

Prof. Hiromichi Hirano Prof. Kazushige Tanabe
Department of Earth Science, Department of Earth and Planetary
School of Education, University of Tokyo,
Waseda University, Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku,
Nishiwaseda 1-6-1, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
Shinjyuku-ku, E-mail:
Tokyo 169-8050, Japan

For more information, please contact Dr. Yasunari Shigeta, Secretary of
organizing committee, Department of Geology and Paleontology, National
Science Museum, Hyakunin-cho 3-23-1, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073, Japan
YES!!!!! Finally! It's close enough for me to go without making my father bankrupt!!!! This is the best day of my life..but you still can go if you arn't a ceph-worker, can you?
chrono_war01 said:
YES!!!!! Finally! It's close enough for me to go without making my father bankrupt!!!! This is the best day of my life..but you still can go if you arn't a ceph-worker, can you?

I don't see why not, but Chrono, registration can be pretty expensive (although you can usually go for a day registration)

mucktopus said:
From one expensive place to another. What ever happened to the idea of having it in Mexico?

Dunno but from this neck of the wood Mexico is anything but cheap!!! 'sides it's nice to have an international conference that isn't in the States or Europe!!!! So we Antipodeans have a chance to attend :biggrin2: !!!


and you need to register? NO WAY! I shall go and throw whale contents at them until they let me enter!
Does anyone have whale contents to spare in the future, call me.
Jean said:
Dunno but from this neck of the wood Mexico is anything but cheap!!!

Yeah- Unfortunately airfare is always going to be rough for somebody- and I'm perfectly happy (if I can afford it) to make the trip away from North America to go somewhere else and have the airfare be rough for me. But with recent CIAC meetings in Thailand, Tas, and now Japan, and Unitas in Perth, it certainly hasn't been easy for us to make it to conferences either. I agree with you that it's nice to have a balance in where it's hosted, but let's face it - no matter where you're coming from, Japan is giong to be expensive. Mexico would be so much cheaper once there- registration, hotels and food are still pretty big costs we all have to consider. Together they can cost more than half as much as international airfare. I was stunned when I saw the registration costs for Tas and that's a major reason why I can't go, no matter how much I want to.
I've actually been kind of curious as to when the next conference would be announced. Japan would be very exciting, but definitely is not going to happen due to money and time conflicts (sept. is right when school starts up again!) unless something serious happens between now and then which is unlikely. I agree that its only fair to have balance, but three all around the same longitude pushes it a bit. I know that for me Mexico would be almost ideal, and Mexico is generally a cheap place - not to mention the Humbolts!! Sigh, maybe next time...

Still supper excited about this Taz year though!!!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I agree totally! The registration costs are HUGE for most of these conferences which is why I didn't go to the Puhket one. I'm struggling even for Hobart! Bu decided I HAD to make the effort as it's on my doorstep so to speak. The international flights weren't too bad NZ to Aus but the internal flights........sheesh!

Hey Chrono you have to register for pretty much any scientific conference! some are more expensive than others tho'!

:oops: probably should have read that announcement more thoroughly....ah well.....once again I saddled up my typing fingers before engaging brain :roll:

As for the CIAC fees the AUS$395 + AUS$100 (workshop fee) + AUS$44 (room dep) added up to NZ$621.16 or thereabouts! That's two months ave salary (part-time aquarist) for me :shock: . I MUST be obsessed :biggrin2: !

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