Chewie says HI

Flying Fish

Feb 26, 2004
I'm in Pittsburgh PA, home of the Steelers, Heinz, and not much else! Good thing one of them is still popular. :shock:

I have been in the saltwater hobby for about 2 years, and currently have a 29 gallon display, and a 29 gallon sump (which houses a Koran angel, and a princess parrotfish.) I also grow cheatomorpa in the sump, and amphipods in a seperate vessel, just for fun;).

The display proper has 130 watts of PC lighting and 3 power heads aimed at each other for circulation. In that tank there is a mix of softies and SPS and 1 Fungia plate. I've got about 50lbs of LR and a 1 inch sandbed. The fish in there are 1 melanopus clown, a pair of Apogon margaritophorus (some type of cardinal for which there is no common name that I'm aware of) and a pair of Kauderns cardinals. I am thinking about adding a 75 gallon or two in the near future to house the ever growing corals and fishes, and possibly a tank for a bimac. That's why I'm here, to find out how to care for one. :octopus:
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