Chased by Sea Monsters

Apr 9, 2003
Anyone see this they had some ancient cephs on it... and Nigel seems to do a good job annoying them. The CGI is a little bit lower then Walking with dinosaurs and they say a bunch of fuzy theories as fact, but it is fun. Nice to see these creatures with a human next to them.

The Dunkleosteus is fun... those things are huge.
Hi, MD.

Thanks for the message. I attempted to discuss this programme here a few months ago. It was quite good fun, I'm glad it has finally been shown outside the UK so everyone can discuss it.


Phil was interesting...but not at all accurate in regards to the Megalodon...the cutwater was waaaaaay too small, and the mouth was ridiculous...poor fish!
Liked the dinosaur bits though...I don't know enough about the cephs to comment...leave that to Phil and Dr. SOS !
Thats should have gotten it by now...perhaps call your provider and see ? If not, you can probably buy it online is quick these days ! It is actually worth owning...a great entertainment show for kids and adults. (if that verdamnt cutwater had only been better...oh well..I'll quit my whining )
Every sunday...then we say mass ! "heute deutshland, uber aller..."
Who else would have an s-boat as an avatar????
"aller" ? to typing to fast without chekcin my spelin !
Yikes. Need to switch to decaf.
Pardon... I have a fascination with PT boats of all flags...and the schnellboot was the best of that breed...although I do like the wood hull elco's too...just weren't very efficient.
:biggrin2: Greg
I meant me Greg! I'm fascinated by WW2 military vehicles too!

Are there any S-boats still surviving anywhere? have one in England...there is one on the east coast of the states, and a project ongoing in Holland, I think !

There is something kind of piratical about PT boats, the speed, the waves in your face...lots of firepower and little protection...I admire those captains and crews a lot...

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