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erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004
Is it wrong to covet that early-20s tree octopus cloche for my wife? If I find a vintage one, it won't actually be contributing to the demise of the current tree octopus population, will it? I mean, this would probably come from a Hollywood Hills estate sale - there are still private collections from old movie royalty turning-up once in a while after being passed-down for a few generations. A friend managed to get a yeti-fur coat that once belonged to Zasu Pitts for quite a reasonable amount at auction a couple of years back...

I guess what I'm asking is, would a vintage tree octopus cloche encourage the current commercial exploitation of the species, or simply be a historical artifact? I remember reading that octopus chapeaus became all the rage in France the season following the publication of Victor Hugo's "Toilers of the Sea", but I believe they were embroidered, or made similar to silk or crepe paper flowers so they didn't actually cause any octopus fatalities. :confused:

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