Cephalopod Respiratory Rates

Dec 24, 2002
Hello Again,

As a last-minute assignment for the weekend, my physiology intsructor asked us to check on the breaths per minute of any random animals we see. Well, the geese at the bottoms (the farmland/salt marshes) weren't all that cooperative, and the whales were not running as well.

Sooo... I was left with cows. I'm not a big cow freak, so I would like some ceph data to play with as well. Does anyone know ceph respiratory data with ambient temperature or where I could look it up?

Thanks again folks!

Hey John,
Not sure this will be exactly what you're looking for, but it's related and might lead you in the right direction:

Seibel, B.A.; Thuesen, E.V.; Childress, J.J.; Gorodezky, L.A. 1997. Decline in Pelagic Cephalopod Metabolism With Habitat Depth Reflects Differences in Locomotory Efficiency. Biological Bulletin 192: 262-278.

Here's the PDF.


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