Cephalopod Cognition Book - Has anyone read it?


Have not read the book yet. Knowing a few of the authors in it, I can assume the information is top notch. I can see this book being good for someone just going into this field to get a good summary of past, present, and future topics related to ceph cognition. But if you are already in the field and in the know of this topic, the price range might be a little too much for my tastes.

Having said all that, I'll probably be purchasing a copy for our Marine Biology program as reference for students.

Sadly, I think the price is the new price for books of this size as so many become e-books. I still can't get into the Kindle reading but that price isn't too bad for the book.

Not sure if that helps you...

The Look Inside feature at Amazon lets you examine the detailed Table of Contents, index, and a sample, so you have a pretty good idea of this book. It's actually composed of a number of articles edited by the person listed as first author of the book. I agree with Greg, a book from Cambridge University at this price is just what you might expect.

Yes, I have looked in side the book a few times. I just am not sure if the information it provides at all p.263 is worth $80. I generally buy every ceph book I can, but sometimes I feel like the prices for animal books are getting outrageous to where only a person whose job depends on being completely up to date will find the budget to afford them.
If a book I want is more than I will pay, I set up an eBay scan with a price range. Sometimes it takes a year for one to show up but usually I eventually get a reasonably priced used (an on a rare occasion, new) copy. As a recent example, I picked up a used copy of Nesis' Cephalopods Of The World for $4.00 ($1.00 + 3.00 shipping). A year or so ago I got an ancient (visually poor cover but excellent paper) but very readable version of Index Fossils of North America for about $35 (very hard to find for under $100).

I have better luck with older books and many are ex-library AND you have to be very patient. Also watch Amazon's used books. At one time you could create a wish list for an established a price (I got my still in cellophane copy of Cephalopods A World Guide this way) but that has not been available from Amazon for quite awhile.
I have this book. I needed it as a reviewer suggested I cite Jennifer Mather's chapter from it before I could publish. Other than reading that chapter, I have only done some light reading of other parts of the book at the moment, but I think the information in it is really good. It is explained very well (including some good figures) that help people like me who are not in the field of neuroscience and there are certainly some very interesting concepts in there too. It is adequately cited too if that concerns you. I would suggest it if you are interested...but my lab bought it for me, so I didn't have to fork up the money myself! :mrgreen:

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