Ceph Alert! All UK TONMO users MUST buy today's Guardian - CEPH WALLCHART FREE!

Jul 11, 2005
Hello Cephfans

Just thought I'd point out that today's (30th June) issue of The Guardian Newspaper in the UK has a free giant nature wallchart of Octopus, squid and Cuttlefish. The painitngs appear to be from the early 20th cent (according to a colleague and birdfan the birds are painted more upright and slimmer than they are today, a fashion of the time apparently). It's a nice chart and will brighten up your room/office/submersible. here's a pic of today's cover. If nothing else it's nice to see the headline 'Octopus and Squid' on top of a national daily.


I don't work for the Guardian by the way.
I'm sure all of the Tonmo members in England will be more than happy to provide us with some pics...right? Hey, guys?
Thanks Capn, didn't notice this when I was in WHSmiths earlier. Luckily my corner shop still had one this afternoon, so thanks for the pointer.

Rather good, isn't it?
here's a quick scan, it is a big wallchart, so this is just an A4 area of it (about 29cm x 21cm)


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nitpicking because I'm really jealous and annoyed that my local newstand only gets the weekly "internationalized" Guardian:

they should either change the title, or not include Vampyroteuthis and Nautilus.

but really, this is just sour grapes. You lucky Brits! (And Scotsmen, assuming Colin picked one up-- do we have anyone from Ireland or Wales about?)
sorseress said:
Wahoo! I just got mine, and it's really neat!

Blinking heck, that was quick. I only took them in to the post office on Monday afternoon. Glad you like it though, and pleased to see it'll confuse guests in your toilet.