Catalina Island fire


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Mar 8, 2004
I've noticed that marinebio_guy lists his location as Catalina island, and I just heard there's a big fire threatening Avalon (the main town there). I don't know if he's there now, but everybody :fingerscrossed: for him, his lab, and all the Catalina residents... the radio said some homes and structures in town are threatened, so it sounds like things are pretty grim and it's not contained.
On CNN just looks terrible.

Man, I sure hope you and yours are o.k. !!!!!!
dwhatley;94910 said:
Anything from MarineBio_Guy?

The marine lab's web page seems to be down, but google's cache has ok news:

Catalina Fire Update: 7:30 pm, May 10

The Catalina fire continues to burn near Avalon, 15 miles away from the Wrigley Marine Science Center. There is NO danger to the marine lab or town of Two Harbors. However, power and communications are interrupted and for their comfort and safety, our students and visitors are being temporarily relocated to the mainland on Friday morning.

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