Captive Reared Sepia Bandensis


Jun 7, 2004
Hi guys!

Following on from my thread HERE I have some captive reared Sepai Bandensis (tentative ID) for sale.

I live in the UK and these guys would be ready in a few weeks time on a collection only (for the time being) basis. May consider travelling to meet half way if large order comes through :wink: .

PM me to reserve and/or discuss price.

Cheers, and PM me for more info or email me by clicking HERE

Thanks for looking!
are there any left, i am setting up a cuttle tank as i speak, i was goin to buy one from but that species get larger then i want. so if anyone has any information on where i can get a bandensis i would be very happy
As you are in the US, you need to get in touch with my counterpart over there who goes by the name of "Righty" on this board. He should be able to help you out pending your tank set up and gaining appropriate knowledge to keep these guys.

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