bumper sticker idea


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Mar 8, 2004
would anyone be interested in a bumper sticker (say, on CafePress) that said

"My Octopus made the Honor Role at www.tonmo.com"
"My Cuttlefish made the Honor Role at www.tonmo.com"

*in case this is too vague for the international crew, the U.S. has had a rash for about 10 years of "My Child was Student of the Month at XYZ Elementary School" bumper stickers. And some number of parody stickers, like "My kid can beat up your honor role student" and "my chihuahua is smarter than your honor role student."
What a clever idea! I'd be interested, but my husband has an aversion to bumper stickers. He did, however, put a very classy little silvery cthulhu on our Prius.
Much coolness.... Omar, Sinister Street's guitarist, had his fluorescent green Ibanez JEM autographed by Steve "Ultimate Godhead Power" Vai, recently, but I think your gear definitely takes the bisquit!
Sticker Idea has appeal but not on MY car and not that awful honor role thing! How about the other awful fad using a yellow rectangle hung sideways that says Octopus Inside/On Board? That I would hang in my window (maybe not my car, but in a window).

I would put Tony's silver Octo sticker on my car window though :wink:

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