[Breaking News]: Octopuses get erections


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May 30, 2000
Well, the headline from Nature.com says it all. This actually has some remarkable implications. Please folks, let's keep the discussion clean and focused for this one, thanks! :mrgreen:

Octopuses get erections

According to the article, "Octopuses are the first soft-bodied animal found to have erectile tissue." Steve, I'd be interested in learning how this might relate to other cephs (e.g., squid), if at all.
I'd sooner not comment on this one; I think their statements are a little premature :jester:
The idea of the Octo's ligula scrubbing out the sperm of rivals doesn't seem so farfetched. Isn't it true that in Cuttles, the males use jets of water before mating with a previously-inseminated female for the same purpose? (Steve-O', please correct me if I'm wrong about this.)

Curious (but not yellow),
Wow...that is pretty cool!!! Gives a whole new lease on viagra lol. And the Canadian government does not want to protect our ceph's. Unbeleivable. They will protect all other creatures. They have the nerve to say that these beautiful creatures have no bones. I think they misjudged...greatly!!! :x :twisted: Sorry for the sarcasm but what the heck can i do.
Borrowed this from Tony, who borrowed it from Carol...
Apologies to Ink and, well, the general public. It's the formalin fumes.


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