[BREAKING NEWS]: Colossal Squid


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May 30, 2000
This is an absolutely remarkable discovery, and I wonder if this would cause us to re-think a lot of the sailors' stories that heretofore were thought to be fabrications.

The stories about encounters with dead or dying specimens on the surface are most likely about Archis, because nothing was said about claws on the tentacles. However, it occurs to me that all those accounts of "Giant Squid" attacking lifeboats and sailing ships, pulling sailors to their deaths, and engaging in "colossal battles" with Sperm Whales, may very well have been true except for the fact that the "Giant Squid" was actually a Mesonychoteuthis.

This may even vindicate Peter Benchley's apparently farfetched account of the title creature in BEAST.... again, substituting "Mesonychoteuthis" for "Architeuthis".

Any thoughts on this from Steve-O', Kat, James Wood, or Richard Ellis?

is a common name is needed, why not call it a TONMOnster? afterall, "If you fall in the water near one, you're history," hey, we could have Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni brought to you by Tonmo.com... it works for the college football games.... i know i may be making light of a fairly significant scientific revelation, but we all need to try to contribute in our own particular ways...

Steve! Tani! Toni! This is incredible!! I am so stoked!

Steve, remember a few months ago you told me that you thought that there were bigger squid in the sea? Wow! I'm so happy! Wait until I unleash this tidbit on my unsuspecting wife and fellow students!

It's Guiness time!! I drink to your good health!

I want to make these discoveries some day.... Its time to go into marine biology

*sigh* We don't get much news like that here, mostly since all we seem to be getting is war news. Really though, this is an exciting time to be alive!

Thanks for the links Tony!

Sushi and Sake,

I just want to assure you all that this is one sensational, seriously evil animal; there is no media hype here!

Am pretty tired; looks like it's breaking in the US now (I might hide from the phone).

[image no longer available... :frown: .... was an animated graphic of Steve (that someone somewhere made) of him looking at the colossal squid beak, and it snapping back at him, and the bottom read, "squid hunter"].
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