Bottom trawling pictures?

Mar 23, 2005
/Somewhere there are pictures of the same bit of sea floor with pictures taken before a trawling ship came through, and another taken after. Can anyone tell me where to find those pics again?
dont make me look!! dont make me look!! Evil. Its so evil. Some many people want fish but they dont care ware it comes from. Evil I dont eat fish or inverts from the ocean anymore becasue of awful people like that. I eat farm raised but not ocean. People complian ware are ther fish and why are the sharks close on the beach!! its becasue the sharks have no food. I would realy like to set up a group of people to bred aqarium fish so they cant point the finger at fish keepers. oh sorry I dont now ware thoughs pics are
Thanks a lot. I stuck the Washington Post article under my husband's nose this morning, and was telling him about the pictures. I spent a fair amount of time looking for them but was aparently looking in all the wrong places. He's sufficiently horrified, and now is asking what we can do about it. Wish I had the answers for him, but the more people who are worried the better chance we have of getting some action. Actually, I'm thinking of sending these pics to congressman Gilchrest. He's not my congressman, but he's chairman of the house resources subcommittee on fisheries, conservation, wildlife and oceans. Unlike alot of republicans, he is really concerned about the environment. He was our congressman for one term before some redistricting took place, and he was very responsive when I called him right after he was elected. He even hired as his environmental aide someone I suggested he talk to, a researcher at World Watch Institute. He may have already seen some of this stuff, but reinforcement couldn't hurt. We need to get legislation passed banning bottom trawling in all US coastal waters.
Hadn't seen that one Matt, Thanks. Always remember an interview I saw were the chappie was interviewing our own Steve O and Peter Talley from Talleys Fishing (One of the larger companies here in NZ) and Peter Talley was saying that there was no evidence to support the contention that bottom trawling damaged the environment :shock: The next shot was of a trawler hauling up a very large bubblegum coral.........there's none so blind as those who cannot see!! (or will not!) I think the TV company didn't have Steve and Peter Talley in the same room......if they had.......well now THAT would've been interesting TV!!

sorseress said:
/Somewhere there are pictures of the same bit of sea floor with pictures taken before a trawling ship came through, and another taken after. Can anyone tell me where to find those pics again?Sharon

Hi Sharon; pm me with your email address and I'll send you some (additional to those that the Sir Most Regal and Right-Footed, Most Honourable and Jolly-Good-Fellow, Lord and Fish-Net-Wearing Dr Ummmmm...... has already located).
Kindest, Me
Looking at the T-shaped funnel-locking cartilages, it is some kind of ommastrephid squid (Ommastrephidae). If it is large it could well be your good old Humboldt; otherwise you'd be looking at, most likely, one of Todarodes or Ommastrephes.
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