bimac shoots water


O. bimaculoides
Dec 21, 2002
I was installing my remora that just came today with the help of my daughter ,the cover was off the tank and my bimac kept reaching out to me it was way past the time I feed it maybe it was trying to get my attention since I didnt feed it , next thing I know it was at the rim off the tank shooting water at my daughter and me we move about six feet from the tank and it still reached us .
I have seen this before in the 3 years I been keeping cephs but only when I wont let a crab go after the octopus comes to the top to feed out of my hand
thats how a cuttle almost killed me LOL was holding an extension cord powerbar when a wave of water came shooting out the top of the tank...

Underwater you dont see how much water goes through the syphon, its only at the surface you get an idea of the jet power... if you held a crab the octo would be trying to jet off with it but at the surface it just means you get wet :smile: good fun
That's funny!!! I think had G2 the chance, he would blast me with water also!! He's always trying to blow away my face at the tank!!!!

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