behavioural research?


Blue Ring
Nov 10, 2004
Can anyone direct me to any behavioural research on octo's? In particular I'm interested in a) problem solving and b) self recognition? I remember for my undergrad degree reading some really interesting stuff about the concept of self in bottlenose dolphins, and it seems to me that someone should have done some similar work with octo's. I'm sure there's some stuff on problem solving, cos I saw a brief clip on a programme last night that looked like a maze solving experiment.

I don't think that anyone is doing research on this in New Zealand (we're more systematics, growth and culture over here); correct me if I'm wrong Jean.
octopus behaviour

I just read something about octopus learning in Science for my behaviour class. It was written by Fiorito and Scotto ( vol. 256 pg 545, 1992). I've also heard of other experiments with crabs and jars and so forth. You could try CephBase (not sure of URL) which has a list of various cephalopod researchers, their research and some online papers.

Hope this helps.

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