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Dec 22, 2004

What am I going to do with 185 baby clams?

Hi everyone,

Gaius died yesterday evening. It came as quite a surprise because he was doing very well: he had been eating and spending a considerable amount of time playing and exploring outside his dens. I was out of the house most of the day, but my housemates were watching him for a while as he moved and danced around in his critter-cage. When I came back that evening, he was nowhere to be found (which is a little out-of-character for him since the last few days). At feeding time he still hadn't come out so I shined a flashlight into his den, and there he was, lying on his side, not breathing, with his tentacles curled up and rigid.

I didn't have time to test my water last night, but I'm pretty sure it is fine--I don't expect a nickel-sized octopus and two abalones would crash a 90 gallon system. I believe I acclimated him correctly.

I'm feeling very disappointed and maybe a little frustrated: I put a lot of effort and money into this so that I could do it correctly and hopefully have a better chance at success. I understand that even under ideal conditions not all of them survive, but it is still a bit of a let-down. Particularly since I am moving at the end of the summer and at this point it would be irresponsible for me to order another octopus before September.

Oh no :angelpus: I am so sorry Dan! That is so depressing, I know. There must be something not quite right with these little babies to die so suddenly without a cause
dawnchihuahua said:
Oh no :angelpus: I am so sorry Dan! That is so depressing, I know. There must be something not quite right with these little babies to die so suddenly without a cause

I'm trying to think of contributing factors. Its impossible to determine exactly why the little guy died, but I'm trying to list things that might have played a role and that I should change for next time.

1) at one point I think I remember Colin suggesting only using food-grade PVC in the tank. I had forgotten all about this until the sight of a tightly-curled tentacle rocked it forcefully back into my mind.

2) dissolved oxygen. I don't have as many bubbles forming under flat surfaces (ie, the bottom of my overflow) as when I set up the system. I assumed I was OK because I have two venturis in the system, one in my overflow's drain and the other in the skimmer. Gaius always seemed like he was breathing (his mantle beating) pretty rapidly, although I don't know what normal is.

A normal person, putting a solid grand into something like this just to get an immediate failure would give up and get some fish. But the week I had Gaius he was the most amazing and captivating animal I've ever seen, and I'll last through ten more immediate deaths if that's what it takes to get it right.

Hmmm...hopefully, and it does sound like it, your water parameters are fine...the pvc shouldn't be that toxic in such a large amount of water, though you might want to change that out...better safe know.
Sorry about the octo...sometimes they just croak for no apparent reason, too...keep the faith, I am sure the next time will be much better ! After all these years, they still occasionally just die on me too...I wouldn't stress too much...too bad you have to wait so long for another...
I'm doing a lot better now. Its more just the disappointment that it won't be until next fall that I can try again. And the little guy was just so amazing!

So sorry to hear! Please try again! Years ago, it became a family joke I couldn't keep an octopus alive. But I kept trying! Some have died within the week also, with no apparent reason why.

Sorry to hear, Dan. You and I received our octos on the same day. Mine, though, has either been in hiding or has unfortunately died somewhere within my live rock. I haven't seen him since last Wednesday (the day after I got him).

Has anyone else here received an octo from the latest batch at OctoPets? Also, how old are they when they are normally shipped? I believe ours was at 6 weeks.

Very sorry to hear about your loss.

Many of these very young octopuses don't survive. May just be the stress of shipping or something else we don't know about.

I'm glad you're not abandoning octos. They're worth quite a bit of effort!

sorry from me too, I too have had octos die overnight for reasons i never got to the bottom of...

hope you try again soon

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